Travel insurance for Austria

for your vacation in Austria


Many foreign nationals who spend time in Austria often have no or inadequate insurance coverage. Unfortunately, illnesses and accidents cannot be entirely avoided, which can potentially lead to substantial financial losses.

Whether you are traveling for personal reasons or on business: Our insurance plan will protect against costs for medically necessary treatment.

This insurance plan is available for persons, who are temporarily staying in Austria or other member states of the European Union, Switzerland, Liechtenstein or the Schengen states.

It can be obtained by foreign nationals or Austrian / German nationals with permanent place of residency abroad for more than 2 years. The maximum duration of coverage – including all possible extensions – is two years.

This insurance plan fulfills all official requirements for a Schengen visa.

It is not sufficient to meet the needs of MA35 though. Please use this insurance plan to fulfill requirements for stay permits in Austria.

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suitable for persons travelling to Austria

entry age 0 – 74

minimum insurance period is 1 day

valid in Austria, EU member states & Schengen area

provided by CareConcept AG

Price overview

Age0 - 64 years65 - 74 years
up to 90 daysEUR 1.00 / dayEUR 2.95 / day
91 - 180 daysEUR 1.35 / dayEUR 3.70 / day
181 - 365 daysEUR 1.95 / day
EUR 50 / month
EUR 4.95 / day
EUR 126 / month
366 - 730 daysEUR 2.40 / day
EUR 75 / month
EUR 7.90 / day
EUR 242 / month
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Overview of benefits

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Terms & Conditions

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Information sheet


  • inpatient treatment in the hospital (shared room; standard care class)
  • outpatient treatment by legally recognised and licensed physicians
  • ambulance services to the hospital for inpatient treatment
  • coverage of costs for medically prescribed medications and dressings
  • coverage of costs for medically prescribed massages, medical packs, and inhalers
  • prescription medical aids following an accident
  • pain-relieving dental treatment and repair of dental prosthesis
  • additional costs for medically necessary repatriation up to EUR 25,000
  • transport in case of death / burial costs up to EUR 25,000


  • satisifies requirements for a Schengen visa health insurance
  • stay in home country up to 6 weeks / policy year for insurance contracts with a duration of 1 year or more (prior written notification required)
  • Deductible per insured event EUR 25,00.
  • Please refer to the GTCI below for a complete list of benefits. Please note that the English translation is for convenience only. The legally binding version is the German one.
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