Insurance plans for additional cover

For residents and expats in Austria


Private health insurance is highly recommended for expatriates in Austria. It offers special class treatment in public and private hospitals, free choice of physicians for out-patient treatment and many more advantages. The benefits depend on the plan selected, please see below for a comparison of our insurance plans.

Private health insurance contracts are designed as a “life-long contractual relationship”, so that the insurer is prevented from imposing any limitations and does not have a right to terminate a relationship.

For more information about the differences between public healthcare and private healthcare please click here.


  • Lifelong insurance contract with the right of cancellation after 3 years
  • The insurance plan cannot be cancelled by the insurance company
  • Designed for persons who already have public healthcare in Austria
  • Provided by UNIQA Österreich Versicherungen AG, Untere Donaustraße 21,1029 Vienna, Austria


QHGYC K 9/2022Optional cover
special class in-patient treatment in private hospitals and public hospitals
level of cover100%
cover in case of accidents
cover in case of illness
cover in case of surgery or medically prescribed cosmetic surgery
maternity cover
type of accommodationshared room
(two beds maximum)
private room
deductibleno deductible
out-patient surgery
accompanying costs for insured persons 18 and under
private out-patient medical treatment
level of cover€ 2,400 per year
alternative medicine provided by physicians
sublimit for medically prescribed adjuvants€ 1,250 per year
sublimit for medically prescribed glasses or contact lenses€ 250 per year
sublimit for medically prescribed: physical therapy€ 250 per year
dental treatment
level of cover€ 2,238 per year
sublimit for orthodontic treatments€ 671 per year


Type of coverQHGYC K 9/2022
(automatically included)
(highly recommended)
Cover in Austria in private & public hospitals
100% special class cover
Additional travel cover
for up to 8 weeks outside of Austria.
Insurance sum € 305,000
Cover in Europe in public hospitals
100% special class cover
Worldwide cover for illness that cannot be treated in Austria
100% cover


Age / insurance premium per monthQHGYC K 9/2022single room upgradetravel insurance uprade
0-17 years€ 70€ 3.25€ 4.76
20 years€ 187€ 9.26€ 4.76
25 years€ 212€ 10.71€ 4.76
30 years€ 236€ 12.09€ 4.76
35 years€ 260€ 13.57€ 4.76
40 years€ 285€ 15.47€ 4.76
45 years€ 320€ 17.94€ 4.76
50 years€ 360€ 20.88€ 4.76
55 years€ 405€ 24.12€ 4.76
60 years€ 453€ 27.55€ 4.76
65 years€ 503€ 31.27€ 4.76
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Insurance plans for additional cover are designed as lifelong contracts. You have the right to terminate your insurance each year, the minimum insurance period is 3 years though.

This insurance plan cannot be cancelled by the insurance company. This is a major advantage compared to other insurance plans.

After havinig signed up your insurance premium will be linked to inflation. By law your health status and the number of insurance claims while being insured will NOT have an effect on your insurance premium.
If you have been to the doctor and the doctor has given you an invoice or sent it to you later by mail, please send the original to the insurance company. For details, please use this link:
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