Private health insurance for stay permits in Austria

in accordance with immigration laws


This insurance plan is tailored to meet the special needs of expats and travelers in Austria. It complies with all requirements by Austrian authorities for application of residency, stay permits, or visa issues. After signing up for this insurance plan you will receive a confirmation which will be accepted by Austrian authorities, i.e. MA35 in Vienna. (Click for details about required insurance cover.)

This insurance plans is designed to meet the needs of expats relocating to Austria. It is also suitable for visiting school students, scholarship holders, doctoral students, college/university students, language school participants as well as participants in exchange programs, language courses, and international projects in institutions of higher education.

The costs are reimbursed according to the currently valid official schedule of fees for doctors and dentists in Austria (scale of fees). Please refer to the GTCI below for a complete list of benefits.

This insurance plan reimburses in accordance with the regulations of the Austrian regional health insurance providers and fulfills all official requirements of foreign insurance in Austria.

It also complies with all the requirements for a Schengen visa.

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suitable for Persons who do not possess Austrian citizenship and who did not hold permanent residency in Austria

maximum entry age is 74

minimum insurance period is 1 month

valid for stays in Austria

travelling to home country and EU can be covered

provided by CareConcept AG

Price overview for contracts 1 month – 364 days:

Age12-35 years / education *0-64 years65-74 years
Price / monthEUR 51.00
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EUR 95.00EUR 219.00

Price overview for contracts with permanent cover:

Age12-35 years / education *0-49 years50-64 years65-74 years
Price / monthEUR 56.00
- LINK -
EUR 155.00EUR 222.00EUR 510.00

* The discount is available to students, language school participants, visiting academics, working holiday travelers, work ‘n’ travel participants, au pairs, interns, trainees, and volunteers.

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Insurance at a glance

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Description of insurance cover

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Insurance claims FAQ



  • “all risks” as required by Austrian laws   [i.e. by MA 35 in Vienna]
  • satisifies requirements for a Schengen visa health insurance
  • inpatient treatment in the hospital (shared room; standard care class)
  • outpatient treatment by legally recognised and licensed physicians
  • patient transport to the hospital for inpatient treatment
  • coverage of costs for medically prescribed medications and bandages
  • medical aids up to a maximum of EUR 2,500.00


  • medically necessary dental treatment (simple execution), at 100%.
  • annual dental check-up & annual teeth cleaning
  • medically necessary dental prosthesis (including repairs) at 80% of the reimbursable invoice amount up to a maximum of EUR 750.00 (Attention: it is absolutely necessary to submit the treatment plan and cost estimate, otherwise only 50% will be covered.)
  • Accident-related dental prosthesis (including repairs) at 100% of the reimbursable invoice amount up to a maximum of EUR 3,000.00 (Attention: it is absolutely necessary to submit the treatment plan and cost estimate, otherwise only a maximum of EUR 500.00 will be covered.)
  • medical aids up to a maximum of EUR 2,500.00


  • Existing medical conditions can be covered when stated in the application form
  • Some existing medical conditions can be covered, other existing medical conditions might have to be excluded from the insurance cover
  • An additional insurance premium can be charged to cover existing medical conditions
  • If not stated in the application form, there will be no cover for existing medical conditions


Travelling to your home country:

  • Insurance period up to 14 days (for contracts with a duration of < 4 months)
  • Insurance period up to 28 days (for contracts with a duration of > 4 months)

Travelling within the EU (except home country):

  • Insurance period up to 30 days (for contracts with a duration of < 12 months)
  • unlimited cover  (for contracts with a duration of > 12 months)

Please note: The insurance company must be notified in writing before the start of your stay abroad.


  • Pregnancy examinations and treatments – provided that the pregnancy did not exist at the start of the insurance coverage or when applying for a policy extension
  • Delivery (waiting period 8 months)


  • Additional costs of medically advisable, medically prescribed return transport to the home country
  • Transfer costs and funeral costs in the event of death of the insured person up to EUR 25,000

Important information

The insurance policy has to be taken out before entering Austria OR within one year of entering Austria.

Renewal (follow-on policy): Should your stay last longer than planned you can take out a follow-on policy before expiry of the original policy. The insurer must explicitly approve it, which can be difficult.

Our recommendation: Start your insurance plan with a maximum duration of 364 days or with permanent cover. You can cancel your insurance contract prematurely should you leave Austria for good or in case you are entitled to public healthcare in Austria. An administration fee of only EUR 5.00 [five] will be charged on every refund of premium paid in excess.

Yes. In order to apply for your stay permit in Austria you will have to show proof of valid insurance in accordance with Austrian laws. All the requirements that need to be fulfilled to be accepted as a temporary resident are listed on This insurance plan fulfills all requirements and will be accepted by MA35.
Yes. This insurance plan complies with all the requirements for a Schengen visa.
The insurance premium starts as low as € 51 per month. For a detailed quote please use our application link above.
To sign up for insurance, please use our application link above.
The minimum contract period is 1 month, the maximum duration of insurance coverage is unlimited.

If you are not sure how long you will need to have private health insurance, we strongly recommend signing up for a maximum duration of 364 days or use the insurance plan with permanent cover. You will be able to terminate the contract if you leave Austria for good or as soon as you are entitled to public healthcare, so our insurance plans offer maximum flexibility.

This insurance plan is designed to meet the needs of persons who apply for a stay permit in Austria. You will have to have insurance to apply for a stay permit and our insurance plan is the perfect choice. After having received your stay permit / work permit you will be eligible for public healthcare in Austria, usually through your employer. You can then cancel your insurance plan with us prematurely.
After you have submitted an application, you will receive medical treatment certificates together with the confirmation of coverage. This contains important information for you and the respective doctors about your Care Austria international health insurance coverage. Please print this medical treatment certificate out and take it with you to your doctor. They can then send us the invoice directly; however, as there is no direct contractual relationship between us and the doctor, they may send you the invoices or wish to settle the costs with you immediately after the
treatment. At this point, we would like to point out that you are obliged to pay the fee if the costs are not covered by the insurance or only partially covered, irrespective of the fact that the invoice issuer sends the invoice directly to Care Concept AG.
If you do not feel well and require medically necessary treatment, you basically have a free choice of doctor with a Care Austria policy. Within and outside Austria, you can choose between doctors and dentists who are legally recognized and licensed in the destination country, as well as other, state-approved practitioners who can carry out medically necessary treatment and who have recognized and solid training in their respective field of expertise. Information about licensed physicians outside of Austria can be obtained from embassies, consulates, chambers of commerce and similar institutions.
If you have been to the doctor and the doctor has given you an invoice or sent it to you later by mail, please send the original to the following address for review:
Care Concept AG
Claims department
P.O. Box 30 02 62
53182 Bonn
Please note your insurance policy number on the documents (this number is also printed on the medical treatment certificates that you receive when you take out the policy). If you have already paid the invoice, please note this clearly on the invoice or in a separate letter. In this case, we would transfer the reimbursement to the policyholder account we have in our records. Please inform us of the correct bank details or if your bank details have changed. If, for understandable reasons, it is not possible for you to send your request for reimbursement by mail, you can also send it to us electronically. Please note that in this case we explicitly reserve the right to request the original invoice from you in individual or review cases. Our e-mail address for the submission of claims is:
In order to process your claim we always need the name of the disease/illness (diagnosis). As a rule, your doctor has already noted it on the invoice. Please check the invoice as a precaution, however, and ask the doctor to add the diagnosis if necessary. X-ray or laboratory invoices often do not contain any diagnoses. In this case we also need the invoice of the attending physician who arranged the examination. If you do not yet have the invoice from the attending physician, we ask you to please inform us briefly and to send us the invoice as soon as you receive it. We will then check your entitlement to benefits and pay out the reimbursable costs to the specified payee, in accordance with the policy terms and conditions.
In addition to the contractual agreements, which costs are reimbursed and to what extent they are reimbursed depends on whether or not a cost assessment basis is available and which basis is available for a doctor’s statement of account in the destination country. Within Austria, medical treatment costs are reimbursed to the contractually agreed extent that they were invoiced in accordance with the respective valid official schedule of fees for physicians and dentists and/or the procedureoriented financing of hospitals. Outside Austria, the costs of medical treatment are reimbursed to the contractually agreed extent that they are calculated and appropriate based upon the customary cost assessment bases (e.g. schedule of fees for doctors, fee agreements between the medical profession and the public or private health insurance providers, etc.) of the destination country. If there is no cost assessment basis that is typical for the country in question, reimbursement will be made upon the basis of appropriate fees that are generally customary in the destination country.
If you are unsure or need advice, please feel free to contact us at any time. During our business hours (Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.) you can reach our claims team at the telephone number: +49 228 97735-22. You are also welcome to send us an e-mail:
You can also reach our qualified contact persons outside our business hours at the 24-hour service number, which you will find in your policy documents. We ask you to please use this telephone number, especially in cases of emergency.
We are also there for you in the NAFTA countries. As a rule, the fee in the NAFTA countries is agreed between you and the doctor, although the prices can vary considerably. Therefore, as far as possible, we ask you to please contact the following persons before a visit to the doctor, and definitely before any treatment in a hospital.
MedCare International Inc.
12480 West Atlantic Blvd, Suite 2, Coral Springs, FL 33071, USA,
office hours: Monday through Friday 08:00 – 17:00 (EST)
Phone: +1 954.345.5650, Fax: +1 954.340.4245
E-Mail:, Internet:
MedCare will be happy to assist you in finding a doctor, organizing medical assistance, answering questions about the health care system, but also in providing other assistance. They will also issue declarations of assumption of costs following an assessment of a claim. This not only ensures a competent choice of doctor for you but also the avoidance of any financial burden. Outside MedCare’s office hours, you can also contact our 24-hour hotline in cases of emergency if you are staying in the NAFTA countries.
Inpatients stays will result in high costs. We ask you to report inpatient treatment as soon as possible to Care Concept AG, if possible before treatment begins.
No, vaccinations are not covered with a Care Austria policy.
Yes, in order to avoid unnecessary cost risks for you and the insurer, Care Concept must obtain prior approval/confirmation of cost reimbursement (a treatment guarantee) for the following services in written form before starting treatment (via e-mail, fax or mail):
– Plannable diagnostic examinations, including imaging procedures such as, in particular, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computer tomography (CT), positron emission tomography (PET) and computer positron emission tomography (CT-PET),
– oncological treatments (e.g. radiation, chemotherapy),
– palliative medical care,teilstationäre
– partial inpatient treatment/day hospital treatment,
– medically necessary follow-up treatments (rehabilitation measures),
– outpatient surgeries,
– medical repatriation in case of injury or death
Yes, prior approval of cost reimbursement (a treatment guarantee) must be applied for for a medically necessary dental prosthesis, even if the dental prosthesis becomes necessary due to an accident. In this case the dentist must prepare a treatment plan and cost estimate for the planned measures. We will check the treatment plan and cost estimate shortly after receiving it and inform you whether or not the calculated costs can be paid in full or in part or if we may need further information or documents from you or the dentist. We recommend that you submit a treatment plan and cost estimate before starting treatment, even if you are planning to undergo extensive, medically necessary dental treatment.
Yes, dental cleanings and an annual dental check-up are covered under the Care Austria plan.
Dental prostheses include prosthetic measures such as pivot teeth (pin-fixed crowns), inlays, crowns (also for single-tooth restorations) and orthodontic treatments.
Yes, with a Care Austria policy preventive medical check-ups for the early detection of diseases are insured up to 500 euro per policy year. The following services in particular are included:
– Screening for the early detection of cancerous diseases
– Screening for early detection of cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases and diabetes
– preventive medical check-ups to ensure the normal physical and mental development of children
During a stay in Austria, treatment costs incurred can in principle also be settled directly with the doctor or hospital. If the invoice issuer insists on sending the invoice to you, you can forward it to us for a reimbursement. In this case, please note on the medical invoice if we should transfer the reimbursable benefits to the doctor or, if you have paid in advance, to you.
Prescriptions and laboratory invoices should always be submitted together with the corresponding medical invoice. If you do not yet have the invoice of the attending physician, we ask you to inform us briefly and send us the invoice as soon as you receive it. Please also note your complete policy number on each individual receipt/document.
Medical invoices and prescriptions should be written in the language of the destination country and calculated in the official currency of that country. In addition, in the case of medical invoices you must include the name of the person being treated, the exact name of the illness and the details of the services provided by the attending physician according to type, place and period of treatment.
It is our aim to settle any requests for reimbursement submitted by you within 10 days, according to the policy terms and conditions and provided that the claim can be processed without an extensive review process. For more complex claims, a more comprehensive assessment may be necessary, resulting in a longer processing time.
We transfer the reimbursable benefits to your bank account, which we have in the policy documents or which you specified in your request for reimbursement. If you wish, we can also settle accounts directly with the doctor/hospital. In this case we ask you to inform us briefly of your request. Please also then provide us with the complete bank details of the attending physician if we are unable to obtain them from the invoice(s) submitted. Please note that, from our point of view, this is a cross-border payment transaction for which we always require the international bank sort code (BIC/SWIFT code) as well as the international account number or IBAN and the name of both the account holder and the financial institution. A reimbursement to a credit card account is generally not possible.
You can also submit your invoices to us when you are back in your home country. Submission of invoices is generally only subject to the statute of limitation of three years, calculated from the end of the year in which the claim to benefits could have been asserted. Should you, however, desire a direct settlement with the doctor/hospital, please note the specified payment deadline and submit the invoice to us in a timely manner. This will enable us to, taking into account a reasonable processing time, make payment of the insured benefit in due time.
Notwithstanding the list below, reimbursement in the Republic of Austria shall be made analogous to the Austrian Health Insurance Fund, insofar as there are deviations from the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance (AVB). For areas in which coverage is granted outside the Republic of Austria, the exclusions as described below apply.
  • Illnesses and consequences of accidents, the treatment of which abroad was one of the reasons for commencing the journey to Austria
  • Treatments which, at the start of the journey, were determined to have to take place in the course of the planned journey
  • Illnesses, including their consequences, and the consequences of accidents and deaths that are caused by nuclear energy, acts of war, or active participation in riots and are not explicitly included in the insurance coverage
  • Spa and sanatorium treatments and rehabilitation measures, outpatient treatment in a spa or at a health resort
  • Withdrawal measures including withdrawal treatments
  • Treatments by spouse, partner in a legally registered civil partnership, parents or children
  • Treatments by the policyholder or persons with whom the insured person lives within his/her own family or a host family
  • Treatment/accommodation caused by infirmity, need of care or custody
  • Pregnancies and their consequences at the beginning of insurance coverage or when applying for a policy extension
  • Immunization measures
  • Medical aids that first become necessary within the insured period (not as a result of an accident)
  • Treatments due to sterility, including artificial insemination
  • Treatments for HIV infections and their consequences, detected before commencement of the insurance coverage or upon applying for a policy extension
  • Suicide, attempted suicide and their consequences
  • Organ donations and their consequences

For a complete list of benefits see the insurance conditions.

Premature termination is possible, so our insurance plan offers maximum flexibility. Early termination of your coverage is possible if the insured person leaves Austria permanently OR receives a permanent residency permit OR transfers their permanent residency to Austria OR acquires Austrian citizenship OR in case the prerequisite for the continuation of the policy is no longer fulfilled, e.g. in the case of the Care Austria/Care Austria 364 Education coverage, a further education/training course ends. In the latter event, continued coverage through Care Austria Standard is possible after notification.

The policy can be terminated at the earliest on the date on which Care Concept AG in text form receives the corresponding notification. An administration fee of EUR 5.00 will be charged on every refund of premium paid in excess.

Yes, but please note: Premature termination of your contract is absolutely necessary, if the insured person receives a permanent and unlimited residency permit in Austria or acquires Austrian citizenship.
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