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Legal Assistance Insurance

The Austrian legal system is probably radically different from the traditions and experience of most new residents. Misunderstandings or disagreements with employers, landlords, neighbors, local merchants, and tax authorities, not to mention parties involved in a car accident, happen often enough.

Legal assistance insurance will save you significant amounts of money and a lot of personal discomfort. This insurance will help protect your rights and allow you to litigate without extra funds from your pocket. Most people simply cannot afford to take the risk of going to court, especially when they do not understand the language.

The attorneys’ and court fees in Austria are based on the amount in dispute. For instance, should you have a dispute with your landlord and need to go to court based on a disputed amount of 8.000 €, the court and attorney’s fees that will have to be paid in advance can be as high as 7.000 €. If you have legal assistance insurance and your claim is held to be valid by your insurance company, the insurer would take care of any necessary payments: cover the costs of your attorney, court fees, witnesses, and the costs of the opposing side if you lose the case: and post bail outside Austria.

Good legal assistance insurance will normally cover:

  • Claims for compensation for damages (personal injury or property)
  • Employment law
  • Disputes with landlords or neighbors
  • Unwarranted driver’s license loss, traffic accidents and violations
  • Disagreement with various authorities

There are specialized policies available for self-employed persons or those in senior management positions.

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