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How to register a car in Austria

Car registration in Austria is relatively easy if you buy a new car or a used car from an Austrian car dealer.

Your car dealer will hand over all documents which you will need to register the car. You will need the following documents and take them to a registration office:

  • contract of sales with your name on it
  • motor vehicle title certificate (COC)
  • certificate of approval (not needed when buying a new car)
  • safety check certificate (not needed when car is no older than 3 years)
  • proof of identity / passport
  • proof of insurance provided by the insurance company / insurance broker

Importing a car to Austria: In case you would like to import a car to Austria, things will be a little more complicated. You will have to make an appointment with your car brand’s Austrian main importer first. The main importer will pre-register the car in Austria.

As soon as this is done you will have to contact the Austrian tax authorities. In most cases you will have to pay additional taxes. A tax confirmation will be handed over to you. You will need to bring this confirmation to the registration office as well.

At the registration office

As soon as you have all these documents you will have to take them to any registration office in your political municipality. Insurance Austria will provide you a list of all registration offices, should you no not be sure where to go. The registration office will charge around € 188 for registering the car. They will hand over your licence plates and a safety check sticker which you have to attach to the car’s windshield. Then you are good to go.

Parking in Vienna and other major cities: Parking will only be available for residents when their cars are registered in the respective city. It will be around € 20 per month.

Please note: Short-term parking is available for all cars. Parking penalties start at € 36. However foreign cars will be locked with a more expensive wheel clamp to make sure that penalties will be paid.

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