Private health insurance in Austria for Young Travellers

For students, interns, au-pairs, and young travellers


Our health insurance for young travellers  is designed for guests and expatriates, who wish to have health insurance during their stay in Austria. It is available for persons up to the age of 35, for example young expats, students, interns, or au-pairs.

Your insurance covers medical treatment for illnesses suffered within the insurance period. Benefits include treatments by a doctor, treatment in hospital, out-patient treatment, medically prescribed medicaments and much more.

For details please see the table below as well as the product information sheet at the bottom of the page.

The insurance plan is available from only € 1.19 € per day. To calculate your quote now, please click here.

If you already have public healthcare in Austria and are looking for additional cover, please visit our section for special class cover.


  • Valid in Austria, other EU Countries, Switzerland and Liechtenstein
  • The scope of the insurance cover complies with EU requirements
  • Health insurance benefits are not limited to a maximum sum insured
  • Insurance plan can be cancelled in case of unexpected early departure of Austria
  • Insurance plan can be cancelled in case you receive public healthcare in Austria
  • Full reimbursement of paid premium in case of early termination of the contract
  • Choice between plan BASIC and PROFI
  • Optional liability, accident, luggage, and emergency insurance


in-patient treatment in multiple-bedded room
transportation to in-patient treatment
out-patient medical treatment
radiation therapy, light therapy, and other physical treatments
medically prescribed medicines and dressings

medically prescribed massages,
medical packages and inhalations
therapeutic aids following an accident
medically necessary rehabilitation measures
screening check-ups for children in accordance with the statuory programmes-
painkilling dental treatment
up to € 500 per year

up to € 1,000 per year
denture due to an accident
up to € 500 per year

up to € 2,000 per year
50% up to € 2,000 per year
medically necessary treatment for pregnancy and treatment during premature birth
pregnancy examinations
up to € 250 per year
medical check-ups for early detection of cancers-
up to € 200 per year
repatriation / funeral costs
up to € 20,000

Follow-up liability until restoration of ability to travel-


Optional insurance is available for persons who wish to have liability insurance, accident insurance, luggage insurance, and emergency insurance in addition to their health insurance.

Travel liability insurance:

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Everyday liability risk
€ 1,000,000

€ 2,500,000
Liability claims for damage to rented property per insured event
€ 10,000

€ 25,000
Damage to the household of the host family
€ 10,000

€ 25,000
Deportation costs
€ 1,000

€ 5,000
Loss of keys-
€ 250
Damage to assets-
€ 10,000
Professional liability-
€ 25,000
Bad debt insurance-
€ 10,000
Deductiblenone, except:
damage to rented property and deportation costs: 20%, at least € 50.
For damage to household of host family 10%, at least € 200.
For bad debt insurance 10%, at least € 200

Accident insurance

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sum insured in the event of disability (progression in the event of disability exceeding 25%€ 20,000€ 60,000
in the event of death€ 10,000€ 20,000
in the event of death for children under the age of 18€ 5,000€ 10,000
rescue costs€ 5,000€ 10,000
costs of cosmetic surgery€ 5,000€ 10,000

Luggage insurance

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maximum sum insured for each individual event-€ 2,000
limitations for furs, jewellery, items made of precious metals, photographic and film equipment, IT equipment, electronic communication and entertainment systems including accessories-50% of sum insured
glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, and mobile phones (car phones are not insured), including accessories-€ 250
golf and diving equipment, bicycles including accessories-€ 750
surfboards, windsurfing equipment including accessories--
musical instruments including accessories (if taken on the trip for private purposes)-€ 250
IT equipment and electronic communication and entertainment systems including accessories-€ 250
emergency purchase due to overdue delivery of luggage-€ 500
films, video, sound, and data media-value of the material
deductible per insured event€ 50

Emergency insurance

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return travel costs to home country in the event of a family member becoming ill-€ 1,000
cancellation of trip or delayed return journey (loan for additional costs) in case of illness, accident or death
cancellation of trip or delayed return journey (loan for additional costs) in case abduction€ 10,000€ 15,000
assistance if detained or when at risk of being detained (loan)€ 1,000€ 2,500
loan for bail€ 10,000€ 15,000
loss of money and documents (loan)-€ 500
assistance when credit card and debit or Maestro cards are lost
loss of travel documents
assistance in changing bookings / delays
deductible per insured eventnonenone

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to technical reasons the application process will sometimes mention “Germany” as insured location. Please rest assured that all our insurance products are 100% suitable for the AUSTRIAN market.

Important Information

Product benefits

This information sheet gives you a quick overview of the various options available for the insurance of your choice

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Price list

Daily insurance premiums per person

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Information sheet

This information sheet is required by law and gives you a brief overview of your insurance cover.

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Insurance terms and conditions (HanseMerkur)

For insurance up to 1 year by HanseMerkur Reiseversicherungs AG, Siegfried-Wedells-Platz 1, 20352 Hamburg, Germany

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Insurance terms and conditions (Advigon)

For insurance up to 5 years. Insurance company: Advigon Versicherung AG, Pflugstrasse 20, 9490 Vaduz, Liechtenstein

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Insurance terms and conditions for optional coverage

Full insurance terms and conditions for liability, accident, luggage, and emergency insurance

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