Private health insurance for up to 1 year

Our health insurance up to 1 year is designed for guests and expatriates, who wish to have health insurance during their stay in Austria. It is also suitable for students, interns, or au-pairs moving to Austria for a maximum period of 365 days.

Your insurance covers medical treatment for illnesses suffered within the insurance period. Your insurance will cover treatments by a doctor, treatment in hospital and medically prescribed medicaments.


Valid in Austria, other EU Countries, Switzerland and Liechtenstein
The scope of the insurance cover complies with EU requirements
Health insurance benefits are not limited to a maximum sum insured
Existing insurance coverage is necessary for the issuing of a visa
Extensions are possible within the maximum length of coverage if the insurer agrees
Insurance plan can be cancelled in case of unexpected early departure of Austria
Insurance plan can be cancelled in case you receive public healthcare in Austria
Full reimbursement of paid premium in case of early termination of the contract

Cover at a glance:

in-patient treatment in multiple-bedded room

transportation to in-patient treatment

out-patient treatment

medically prescribed medicines and dressings

medically prescribed massages,
medical packages and inhalations

up to € 300 per year
medically prescribed adjuvants following an accident
painkilling dental treatment /
restoring function of dentures per

up to € 300 for policies with a duration of up to 6 months
up to € 600 for policies with a duration of over 6 months

pregnancy check-ups and treatment
after a waiting period of 8 months
repatriation/funeral costs
€ 10,000
excess per insured event € 25
insurance premium per day € 1.70 up to age 65
€ 3.50 between age 65 and 75

Optional accident & liability insurance:

in the event of death € 5,000

in case of invalidity

€ 25,000
The sum assured is doubled in the event of 90% and more invalidity.

liability insurance / sum assured:
lump sum cover for personal injuries and damage to property

€ 1,500,000
insurance premium per day € 0.15 up to age 65
€ 0.20 between age 65 and 75

Please note:

  • Capable of insurance are persons insofar as they have foreign citizenship and are only staying temporarily in Austria, the countries of the European Union, Switzerland or Liechtenstein.
  • The insurance can be taken out up to the 75th birthday
  • The insurance must be requested at the latest within 31 days after the entry in Austria
  • The insurance begins at the earliest with the entry in Austria or an EU-country and ends at the latest with the completion of the stay
  • Insurance company: HanseMerkur Reiseversicherungs AG, Siegfried-Wedells-Platz 1, D-20352 Hamburg

Useful downloads:

Product information sheet

Insurance terms and conditions

Other important information

Insurance premiums

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