Private Health Insurance in Austria - special class cover

This section provides information about additional insurance cover for

Private health insurance is highly recommended for expatriates in Austria. It offers special class treatment in public and private hospitals, free choice of physicians for out-patient treatment and many more advantages. The benefits depend on the plan selected. Private health insurance contracts are designed as a "life-long contractual relationship", so that the insurer is prevented from imposing any limitations and does not have a right to terminate a relationship.


1. In-Patient treatment (insurance of hospital costs, "special class")

Insurance policies taken out for private health insurance contain a provision for hospital costs. Under this type of insurance coverage, the costs for staying at the special ward of the hospital in question or in a private hospital, are paid directly to the hospital.

The special ward in Austria includes among other things:

  • free choice of physician (i.e. for surgery)
  • maximum of 1 or 2 beds per room with TV, internet etc.
  • reduced waiting times for surgeries
  • more comfortable rooms & equipment, private shower and private bathroom
  • unlimited visiting hours and free choice of meals

2. Out-patient treatment 

This type of insurance may be taken out in connection with an insurance of hospital costs but also separately.

The insurer provides access to physicians that have no contractual relationship with the respective public health insurer. In general a great number of top physicians do not have contractual relationship to the public health system. Their surgeries and prescription will not be paid unless you have a private health insurance.

Privately insured persons may take advantage of the following benefits (examples):

  • free choice of physicians
  • no waiting times (private patients make appointments which are respected)
  • coverage of pharmaceutical products
  • coverage of glasses, lenses
  • best possible treatment

3. Additional benefits

There are many additional benefits. Here is a short list of possibilities that private health insurances offer (examples):

  • dental care
  • travel insurance
  • free memberships to gyms
  • yearly check-ups



Private health insurance:

Public healthcare:

In-patient treatment
(in hospital

Private treatment

General treatment


Single or double room

Up to 8 beds per room. Worst-case: bed on the aisle (this is not a joke)

Choice of hospital

Access to public and private hospitals

Public Hospitals only


Chief physician or physician of your choice

Whoever is on duty, even if trainee doctor

Waiting times for surgeries

No waiting times

Days, weeks or months if illness is not life-threatening

In-room equipment

TV, internet access, terrace, private bathroom, private shower

Shared TV

Visiting hours

Unlimited visiting hours

Visiting hours usually only after lunch


Free choice of meals

No choice of meals


Out-patient medical treatment

Private treatment General treatment


Physician of your choice paid by the private health insurer

Physicians with contractual relationships only

Medical treatment

Best available: including top-notch including magnetic resonance tomography, computed tomography etc.; no waiting times

Treatment subscribed by social insurance system (cheapest available)

Waiting times


appointments are not possible and waiting times can be excruciatingly long

Additional benefits

Coverage of pharmaceutical products, Glasses, lenses, plaster, crutches…

Deductibles need to be paid by patient.


Other possible benefits



Dental care

dental plans will include all kinds of treatment (implants, braces, oral hygiene...)

Only pain-relieving treatment

Travel insurance

Coverage 100% worldwide for trips abroad,

No coverage outside EU. Coverage within EU not sufficient

Additional benefits

Free memberships to gyms, yearly medical check-ups...




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