Outgoing travel insurance

Our outgoing travel insurance in designed for persons, who wish to have health insurance cover while travelling abroad. It is therefore suitable for all persons living in Austria, no matter what nationality.

This insurance plan is non-recurring: It will be valid for one single trip abroad for a maximum of 365 days per trip. We also offer a recurring, annual travel health insurance for frequent travellers or business travellers (cover for max. 56 days per trip; unlimited trips per year).

Your insurance covers medical treatment for illnesses suffered within the insurance period. Your insurance will cover treatments by a doctor, treatment in hospital, medically prescribed medicaments, transportation costs and more.


complete travel health insurance
no excess
two insurance plans: worldwide including or excluding USA / Canada
health insurance benefits are not limited to a maximum sum insured
repatriation / recovery / transportation / transfer / funeral costs included
information about local physicians and hospitals, dispatch of medicine etc.
annual insurance plan for unlimited trips (max. 56 days per trip) available

Cover at a glance:



in-patient treatment

out-patient treatment

recovery / transportation / transfer / funeral costs

repatriation, if medically advisable 

medically prescribed medicines and dressings

medically prescribed massages,
medical packages and inhalations

premature delivery up to the end of 36th week

painkilling dental treatment

excess per insured event

no excess


Please note:

  • Capable of insurance are persons insofar as they currently live in Austria
  • The travel health insurance must be requested before leaving Austria
  • Insurance company: HanseMerkur Reiseversicherungs AG, Siegfried-Wedells-Platz 1, D-20352 Hamburg

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